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Used Truck Caps

There can be many reasons why there are used truck caps for sale. One of the reasons is that the vehicle was traded-in or sold in its original condition. Another reason is that the best used trucks are relegated to constant hauling and work purposes and the truck cap or tonneau hampers the work movements. Still another reason is that the vehicle owner wanted a new tonneau cover or a canopy to maximize his covered cargo space or for aesthetic reasons.

Used truck caps or camper shells and tonneau covers can be made of fibreglass or aluminum and these covers provide owners of pickup trucks ways to secure their cargo while being transported to other locations. The toppers are custom-designed to fit specific pickup models and they can be very useful for individuals who want security for their cargo from man-made causes and protection from the elements and other natural causes. Tonneaus also provide an enhanced look

for pickups while retaining its characteristic profile.

Many of the used truck caps or toppers, canopies and camper shells are of the same height as the cab of the truck with some models made somewhat taller, according to the use it will be intended for. The caps maybe made of strong, resilient fibreglass with front slider windows or tilt down front windows. Some styles add cargo-carrying capacity with roof racks and the paints usually made-to-match the original colour of the truck or painted as preferred by the customers. Caps made of tough, non-corrosive aluminium are usually preferred by contractors, workers, service technicians and people who work in rugged environments.

Tonneau covers are also called lids, tonnos or cargo covers and they provide secure attractive storage by securing the truck bed and turning it into a huge lockable trunk. Some tonneaus can be over the rail-styled fibreglass covers, with honeycomb reinforcement layer, interior headliner, easy, clamp-in rail system, push button lock access and a rotary latch closure. Tonneau is the best alternative to canopy for the flatbed truck look and low-profile design with smooth Cargo Cover on top. Gas mileage is improved by a cap or tonneau because it reduces aerodynamic drag.

There are many manufacturers of tonneaus and canopies and corresponding variations in the designs with each manufacturer. Most of the popular options have watertight designs, new factory installed appearance, smooth operation, durable frame and superior finish, interior lining, absence of unsightly weld scars in corners and permanently fastened mitered cut corners and original equipment manufacturer’s quality fixtures and designs.

Used truck caps are designed for specific reasons including mid-height practicality, recreational and utility use, OEM styling for the smart, business look, functionality and practicality. New truck caps from A.R.E. for example have a range of options and features like: tilt-down front windows, sliding front window, front picture window, dark tint side windows, radius ½ side sliders, front vista glass, compression front boot. Screen-vent side windows, single bay windows, side access win-doors, rear privacy door, side privacy doors, double t-lock rear door and solar-a-ray solar powered keyless entry among others. There are many other options that can make your truck look like an SUV for that personalized look and they are available from many manufacturers and sellers.

Used truck caps are designed for specific reasons including mid-height practicality, custom high-rise model intended for recreational and utility use, most popular OEM styling for the smart, business look, a most popular model box style cover that achieves both functionality and practicality.

There are many websites that features various designs of truck caps, and you will be able to look at pictures of a truck similar to yours with customized camper shells or toppers. They can feature slide operating access called windoors for contractors who may need easy access from the sides, other have curved, recessed side windows and rear tailgate. In addition, 12 volt interior lights are installed. There are also options for roof rack installation, jacket hangers inside which can double up as fishing rod holders for the man-on-the-go.

For used truck caps, you should look at the structural tubing and the strength of the foundation, the exterior skin which should provide superior structure and the thickness of the door frames. Check the welded joints and the hinges and the cross bar supports. Those with acrylic fabric liners are best for protection from condensation.

The body colours of the used truck caps for sale should be of baked enamel finish and that the colour closely resembles the body colour to avoid costly custom painting. You may also choose one of contrasting or complementary colour. The edge trims should be properly installed and painted. All doors should be locking properly with non-corrosion finishes. Those used truck caps fitted with aluminium mesh security screens will deter unwanted entry.

Especially desired are the tonneaus and used truck caps featuring a trimless edge that will visually blend into the truck. A good installer will be able to shape, sand and perfectly paint a used truck cap to fit seamlessly into your truck.